Astrology january 9 eclipse

If at any time you find yourself wanting to take your relationship to the next level, or perhaps you want to end your romance and start over, perhaps it would be wise to take a step back and analyze things from a rational perspective.

January 9th Birthday Horoscope 12222-2020

Virgo , this eclipse in Leo will help you break free from your old self and your old habits and implement those changes that you've been contemplating for a while. The bigger the changes, the better.

The planets' positioning is shining a bright light on the people around you and their intentions, some of their judgment toward you might be uncovered in the process. It's in your power not to let it affect your mood; you'll need to channel your inner peace and use your sense of humor, but you will do it, Virgo!

Libra's noble heart will play an essential role in this lunar eclipse, seeing how your empathy and generosity are being heightened exponentially.

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You will notice a stronger connection to those people around you who may not be going through the best moment of their lives, and you could be instrumental in offering them a solution to the nightmare they're living. Do the best you can to lend a helping hand , you may not see it now, but these instances will help get you closer to your own goals. Scorpio will learn a valuable lesson due to the total lunar eclipse on the 20th January , and that lesson is about understanding that you can't control everything around you.

Realize that this behavior is only holding you back from your spiritual growth, and you cannot afford the setback. The planets forecast a great decision that you will have to take shortly which can allow your feelings to roam free. How long has it been since you've wanted a change?

Lunar Eclipse January 12222 ~ Imperial Swoop

You will be glad to know that the super blood wolf moon eclipse will help you achieve just that. Make the most of the days before the 20th and think about what you would like to change about your life so that when the magic event happens, you will be ready to receive its influence. This may look good on paper, but you will need to be committed and follow through to make your dream reality. The road won't be easy, and you'll need a lot of determination to get it done.

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Chin up, Sagittarius , you can do it! This total lunar eclipse in Leo will not sit well with you, dear Capricorn. You're already a pessimistic person, and now with this astral event, your feelings of negativity and resentment will come bubbling up without you being able to control them much.

Your tendency to control and dominate will also be heightened which might cause some tension between you and your loved ones. Try counting up to ten and reflect on your actions and words before you let anger dominate you. Remember that confidence is critical in any good relationship. Aquarians will go through a phase of exciting shifts due to the impending lunar eclipse. Rest assured, because those changes have little to do with your love life if you have a partner and more with that inner voice that you so often ignore.

Weekly Intuitive Astrology and Energies of January 9 to January 16

Beware of any zealous delusion, since Mercury in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces could be susceptible to making broad generalizations or simply selfish, short-sighted appraisals which may be great for heated arguments but fall short of making a convincing case. Particularly on Dec. Find the balance—keep it real, but recognize the complexities of the situation. If it helps to summon your kindness, remember your own past mistakes or shortcomings, so that the adjustments you try to make now will go as smoothly as possible.

More intimate gatherings with trusted friends and close loved ones are favored, as well as celebrating in more refined, classy or even old-fashioned settings. Together, we can make a difference.

Pandora’s News Video for July: Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn - Pandora Astrology

Although, the new year holds some good prospects, carefully choosing when to act will help ensure success in your endeavors. Add luck to your plans using the power of the Plan-its!

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Super Blood Wolf Moon - Definition and Effects

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