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The Libra first house gives a Scorpio second house, so this person will have to work energetically to accumulate wealth. You can experience windfalls and opportunities by their popularity in their social circles. Scorpio Intense and Secretive Perverse Mars Handsome and youthful appearance, with medium height and a fierce look in the eyes You love excitement and seek adventure and are competitive and independent. You are known to be secretive and love occult studies.

You can lash out when wronged or threatened. Good luck follows your from your deeds in past lives.

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The Scorpio first house gives a Taurus seventh house of partnerships, attracting you to a stable and romantic partner. Sagittarius Direct Hot-headed and Excessive Jupiter Full figure inclined to eating a lot and happy demeanor You are likely to be straightforward, noble and a supporter of good causes. You are robust, healthy, interested in spiritual matters and are unlikely to abuse your power when you gain positions of authority.

You encounter delays or restrictions in their accumulation of wealth, and difficulties with siblings. You are drawn to refined or elegant occupations or careers working with women. Capricorn Businesslike Inhibited Saturn Thin with handsome features You are likely to be ambitious and persevering. You have an air of pessimism and feel under appreciated. Your successes are often delayed until later in life. You often have to pick yourself up and start over again, but ultimately succeed in having a widespread reputation. You are known to have emotional and romantic partners.

Aquarius Independent Opinionated Saturn Darkish hair, pretty eyes and can be either tall and thin or short and pudgy You are likely to be creative and inventive, perhaps a bit eccentric. You are a leader and a lover of the spotlight, but serve others and can tolerate hard work. You like to wander and will explore history and tradition. You tend to have a stable, loving and comfortable home life. You are likely to be granted prosperity and good cash flow throughout life. Pisces Introspective Ungrounded Jupiter Attractive large mouths and a strong physique You are kind, sensitive and devotional.

You are likely to be intuitive and superstitious. You are sweet but also stubborn. You have the star power to make them a successful actor or actress. You attract intelligent business partners and draw to yourself mates who are primarily clever rather than attractive. Great Predictions, Very useful informations,.


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It is home to the You are likely to be quick and aggressive and will not take the backseat in life, being independent, self -directed and goal seeking. Looking for perfection everywhere makes you aware of every imperfection, and you can be very self-critical as well.

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With your power locked up due to Leo on the twelfth house cusp, you have a greater sense of power than you can express. This can result in feelings of inferiority, and the lesson of Virgo rising is in humble service to others. Virgo's greatest expression comes through the patient, willing service of others: The routine jobs with endless details can be very satisfying with this end in mind.

The house your Mercury is in shows experiences necessary in developing self-awareness and your expression as an individual. Mercury's sign and aspects will indicate your ease or difficulty in doing this. Contents: Follow Us! The First House: About You -. The First House. These two would have a complicated and arduous relationship. Head and heart collide. Scorpio is suspicious of everyone, Aquarius has never met a stranger and is a friend to all.

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Scorpio is receptive, Aquarius is assertive. Aquarius demands freedom, and both are stubborn. This is a push-pull relationship that would contain endless power struggles and clashing agendas.

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Although signs within the same element match best with each other, quadruplicities do not follow the same laws. For this reason, Scorpio tends to match better with Cancer and Pisces than he does with another Scorpio. This is because Scorpio is a fixed sign , and fixed signs are deeply rooted, intense, and can be very stubborn. Overall, though, the intense bonding and emotionality of your relationship fosters a deep, lasting attachment between you.

Intimacy is likely to come more easily to you as a couple than it does for others, and loyalty is important to you both. Both of you are very proud, stubborn, strong-willed individuals and you are attracted to the strength of character that you sense in each other. There is a feeling of conquest between you that may serve to intensify the excitement of your attraction to each other.

However, your strong wills may also prove to be a problem in a long-term relationship. You face the possibility that your combined inflexibility will make it difficult for the two of you to reach mutually satisfying decisions and both of you tend to stubbornly resist compromising when your preferences are different. A battle of wills is likely to ensue! Another potential problem is jealousy or lop-sided bonding. You both need to strive to harmonize your different natures and not antagonize each other, but the chances of doing so are very high, as you both sense in one another a generally compatible attitude towards life.

For example, both of you want a close relationship, but SCORPIO can become intensely fixated on a person and possessive, whereas LIBRA maintains a sense of proportion and some reasonable degree of objectivity and emotional distance from others, even in marriage. These differences need not create serious problems in your relationship. Emotional bonds between you can be very strong, especially if other astrological indications indicate strong romantic or sexual ties.

Your partnership is an intense one, and you are likely to become very attached to, or obsessed with each other. If romantic attraction is even reasonably strong, this relationship could easily lead to marriage.

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First of all, both of you are very oriented towards marriage. You prefer to be wholeheartedly involved in a deep relationship or not at all. Both of you are also prone to be possessive and very emotionally attached to anyone that you give your love to. Like most lasting, important relationships, yours will have its share of difficult times, and you both seem to thrive on passionate, tempestuous interactions. Stormy fights and sizzling reunions may typify your relationship.

You both love intensely and you hate with equal ferocity, so your relationship is likely to be either deeply satisfying or very destructive to you both; there is no middle ground for the two of you! You are different in many ways: The two of you are so different that it will take a lot of compassion and understanding for you to be together for any length of time. Scorpio needs resistance and surprise.

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A partner just tagging along is not very exciting. With the cardinal signs, demanding to lead, things can get complicated with Scorpio if there is little mutual attraction from the start. There should be passion, sweeping them both off their feet.